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how much lower do you set the temperature when baking in a convection oven? Answered

I just got a new oven with convection baking.  I am not used to it and I have been setting the temperature 25 degrees F lower than my old oven.  Even at that temperature it seems to bake really fast.  For example "quick breads (i.e. banana bread) which would take 50 minutes in my old oven, now only takes about 15 minutes, it's crazy!!  And it doesn't seem to be consistent.

If anyone has any tips for me I would appreciate it.  I got a Whirlpool Accubake top of the line model!!



...25 degrees lower is exactly what i´m using, but in degrees celsius! That´s 45 degrees F....

Your best bet, until you get used to it, is probably to find recipes specifically for the convection oven... and to read the user's manual that came with it.

New ovens need to be learned, there's no easy adjustment between one and another.
You might consider using different cookware, e.g. ceramic in place of steel.


well, let's see


says 25 degrees F lower


says 20% lower

Fypsigion said 45 degrees F lower in the above answer.

(I also saw an online calculator, but it was down, so I couldn't view it)

Being me, I presume that the drop is dependent on the "starting" temperature...

I recommend that you call the manufacturer. Too much inconsistency in available info. Not knocking anyone, but there's just too large a variance.