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how much money should i sell a 2 year old playstation 2 the slim kind? Answered

It has 2 controllers its in perfect condition has a memory card and 4 games Gran turismo 3, star wars battle front 2, NHL 2004, lego star wars 2. I am selling it to get money for a PS3 but if i should get an Xbox 360 instead let me know.
P.S I don't play games rated above Teen.   


You should get a PS3 because it is more open to younger audiences than Xbox. Xbox has alot more older rated games and it costs to go online wile with PS3 it is free. You should sell the ps2 for about 75$-80$ if you are including all the things with it.


7 years ago

I'll buy it $65.00!


8 years ago

Gamestop sells 'em for $50, refurbished. If someone offers you anything approaching that, sell.