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how much ram does a palm zire 31 have? is this the ram chip? Answered

i know that i get 14mb for storing data, but what i want to know about is the actual physical ram, like in computers, that determines how well applications are run.

i know it has a 200mhz ARM processor, but as far as physical ram memory i dont know if it has any at all.

i have located a BGA chip that looks similar to those found on ram cards and video cards, and i have one that i pulled from a old laptop, which is 64mb. (it had a 256mb integrated video card)

i think it might have 32mb, i had a application called UDMH that allocated more ram so yuo could run applications like LJP (a nintendo emulator)

so, is this chip the ram chip?


yes, but isnt that the ram for data storage? i know that if the palm battery gets disconnected it loses all of its data, i suppose thats not much for helping figure this out tough.

i looked at the datasheet for the samsung chip, the one i am assuming is the one for data storage, and the datasheet says its 128mb, but thats not the actual ram, i know because a tungsten E has more than this, and it doesnt have 128mb.

but would that be the ram chip? (the smaller, more square one)

now that i think about it more, that larger, longer chip very well could be the one used for data storage, i used to have a cheap digital camera (dollar store cheap) and it had a sdram chip like that in it, and if you took the batteries out, you lost all the pictures.

the only problem im having figuring out which is which is the fact that both of those chips serve the same purpose in the same way, they are both random access memory chips that lose the stored data when power is disconnected.

im going to try running udmh again and see what comes up, but which one of those two do you think would be the ram chip? (for handling processes, not storing data)

You said actual physical RAM, and that's what it is reported to have. RAM is always used to store data, that is it's function.
The removable SD memory card would be for user-data and it retains data without power, the other memory is functional-system storage.
I'm a bit unsure what you really want to know here, but if you're having trouble with UDMH please explain what is a problem with it, I've read this as a general memory question so far.


well lemonie, i will first clear something out of the way.
theres 14mb of internal storage built into the palm, the storage chip is always getting power from the battery, so you dont lose data. im not sure which chip this is though.

which leads to teh question, wich of these 2 chips is the ram and which one is the storage? (but the storage chip is also a ram chip, which is why im confused)

the two chips are both ram chips so im not sure which one is for the internal storage and which one is for actual ram.

A $5 voltmeter would quickly dispel your confusion.


i have a voltmeter but the battery is shot, plus i can only test the one, the other is BGA.

unless im misunderstanding what you are saying?

such a wonderful tool a voltmeter. Would you accept a mailed battery ?

sure, a mailed battery would be fine, do you have one?
the current battery is 3.7v @ 900 maH, im not sure if it would matter if a battery has the overcharge circuit or not.

Knowing one of the two, then you must know the other.

but theoretically, i could replace the chip and even if its not the ram chip (but the storage chip) it could still be beneficial to the palm pilot, right?

To replace means the same. I do no see a benefit for same.
If replacing with a larger memory can you be sure the OS can handle it.
Most increase in memory increases the pin count.
Replacing the BGA takes X-ray to confirm proper solder at the hidden pins.

well it wouldnt kill me if the palm stopped working, besides, theres a fine line around the current chip, so im pretty sure it would ensure that the new chip would be in the right place.

no, the pin count would be the same, these are identical chips, only one is of a higher capacity than the other.
all SDRam chips have the same pin count, because if they didnt, then it would be more difficult to manufacture different capacity ram cards.

The removable SD memory card would be for user-data and it retains data without power, the other memory is functional-system storage (internal).
I still don't know why you're asking, but still think it's about UDMH?


sorry that this is late but the chip ur talking about is probably a graphics chip or microporcesor of some sort if im not mistaken.it might even bea part ofachipset like on motheborads

it certainly wasnt a graphics or microprocessor chip.
that was comfirmed above, and palm pilots are not new enough to have that technology within them.
i desoldered the chip and unfortunately it took some of the pads with it, so replacing it wont bring the palm pilot back to life.

i have reason to believe it was RAM, which the ARM temporarily loaded the OS onto while you used the palm pilot, as well as use it for random access memory to load things on the palm pilot.

i can assume this because it doesnt start without that chip, if it was just storage for data like notes and such, (apparently the other chip) the palm pilot would still boot but it would fail to install any applications.

sorry if it seems like im beating on you for your comment, its just that since ive posted this question ive taken the time to learn a little more about how it works.
(something i shouldve done in the first place)