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how much solar power is required to run a motor? Answered

Is it possible to run a motor of 1KW power with a solar power of 400W.No battery should be used .Suggestions will be greatly appreciated



Ok no batteries, what about storing the needed charge in capacitors?

As iceng and verence said to run a 1 kW DC motor at full power you need 1 kW DC solar power.

If is an AC 1 kW motor to run at full power you may need 1.2 kW or more solar power depending on your power inverter.

It might run on 400 watts but it wont be full power.

Batteries would be best but you can store a sufficient charge to run the motor for short stints in a capacitor bank.

The length of time the motor would run at full power would depend on the size of the capacitor bank, but it can be done.

An energy storage device is highly desirable in a solar application...

I can tell you why... But first K.Mani, you must respond how the AC motor is used !

It was a D.C motor and also the power supplied is D.C motor

Good to hear.. DC solar supply to a DC motor application is preferred..

The energy storage device that is highly desirable is a supper-capacitor because clouds will block the sun light and stop your motor unpredictably.

Further if you expect to run at night you will need a battery which complicates the situation unless the DC motor is 12v, 24v or 48 volt DC.

BTW what is the voltage of your solar panel ?

And the voltage of your motor ?

voltage of my panel and motor both are same 48V

The voltage may be the same so you do not need an inverter, but the wattage and current are not the same, so you still need a storage device to store the power you need to run the motor.

If the panel supplies 48 volts 8.3 amps and the motor needs 48 volts 20.8 amps the solar panel just is not supplying enough power.

So you need to store power, before you can run the motor.


2 years ago

As Verence said a "1KW motor needs 1000 Watts" but you only have less then half of that the solar DC, 400 Watts.

I am also betting your motor is an AC 1KW machine.

That means you will need about three times the solar power. At least 1200 Watts to run the low voltage solar DC input inverter that converts to the correct AC voltage motor output...

My motor is a D.C motor

Electricity from solar panels is not labeled 'organic, solar, free range'. It is in no way different from the electricity coming fron a nuclear power plant.

So, to run a 1kW motor, you will need 1kW electricity.

The motor may run (slower and/or with less torque,) though.