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how not to over charge a battery? Answered

I want to connect my waterwheel to a car battery, but I dont want it to get overcharged and blow up!

what can I do?


CMP Solar Panel Charge Controller Regulator 10A 12V 24V
$5.00 to $20.00 ebay has the best price.

I was looking at building one too. I really would like to know exactly which component shuts the charger off when the batter is fully charged. It seems that no one can really tell me so I bought a smart charger and tore it apart. It looks rather siomple but when I figure it out I'll let you know. In the mean time here's the one I bought which seems like it might suit your purpose.


Build a smart charging circuit, one that switches the charger to trickle mode after

Here's a circuit idea

Thanks! But the problem is i am not to good with building a huge circuit so is there something that has the already like a disposable camera?

You can just always trickle charge it, but that isn't very efficient.

I can't think of anything with something adaptable in it.

You can't care for the battery properly without a proper charger.