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how salt can be extracted from vegetable or animal sources? Answered

I am planning for the coming zombie apocalypse and have decided to run into the mountains around my home with a group of people.  Said mountains are a long way from the ocean, but we will need a long-term supply of table salt.  I know that many plants contain naturally occurring sodium, which we could use to escape deficiency, but I want a way to obtain salt crystals for purposes such as drying meat.  Without leaving my mountain haven, how can I accomplish this?


Salt can be obtained from boiling the roots of any Hickory tree and remember that all Pecan trees are Hickorys too. Smash/crush the roots and boil them in water. Boil untill water is evaperated. The black crystals/dots left in the container is the salt. Salt is also present in wild parsnip, wild carrots and in all animal blood.

oh, thats awesome. There are plenty of wild carrots in my planed hideout. Thank you!

My I suggest a few items? Books: At Amazon type in "Wild edible and medicinal plants. Hundreds of books will come up, just look for the one that best fits your area. Other books: "Tom Browns Science & Art of Tracking", "The Forager's Harvest" by Samuel Thayer, ....I don't know where you are far as skills. A friend has many video's on wild edibles with many ways to prepair them, recipes and lots of other tips about off subject topics. It is "Eat The Weeds" Channel. He was raised by a family of foragers, so he is extremly well suited for teaching this subject. BTW, I learned about salt from Hickory roots from an Army survival class back in 1984. I have never found this info in any book anywhere, and I have read many books on survival. Another thing you may want to do is find a class on wild edibles and attend. Usually found through a university or a "Google" search. I live in Louisiana and, many years ago, attended a class by Dr. Charles Allen. You may be able to ask him of someone teaching in your area. Go to nativeventures.net and you could send him a message.

plan A: Bring/stockpile plenty of salt at your base/stronghold before the inevitable outbreak

plan B: Collect the tears of your enemies

plan C: If you dry any organic matter you will end up concentrating the salt present. This might be enough from a nutrient POV.

plan D: (and at this point I'm thinking creatively without having tried this) Char some organic matter to the point that is just a pile of ash. Mix this ash with water. Filter the water very well. Allow filtered water to evaporate. The remaining solid should be all the dissolveable minerals present in the organic matter (largely salts)

interesting... B and D might be going somewhere. I suppose we could induce crying into a bowl and evaporate it lol....

I'm not sure if D would work but in theory it might. Give it a try at home and let me know how it turns out!