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how should I go about replacing the analog headers on my arduino uno? Answered

I want to replace hte headers because I dropped it and the header broke on onalog pin 5 exposing the metal that catches the pin from a shield.


Its NOT easy to do without damaging the board. The best method is to destroy the original connector, and pull each pin out on its own.

Get some desoldering braid or a good desoldering gun to clean each hole.

DON'T try and pull all the pins in one go - one at a time stops major board damage.

I was just planning on desoldering then soldering

Tricky to make sure the holes are clean, because if you don't, and you force the pins in, you can stop them connecting to both sides of the board, which some do.

...don't be tempted to put a drill in either. One useful trick is to slide a steel needle in while heating the joint, the solder won't stick to the steel, and you end up with a nice hole.

my dog got mine and chewed my header off leaving only one of the metal posts on the board and sorta stratched the chip arduino rev 3 w/ atmega 328p-pu

sorry about this reply being late but i got it in a kit for about £70

Desolder the old header and solder in a new one. Nothing to it really.

ok just wondering if it was easy I am not very good at soldering