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how should i make personal earrings for a girl? Answered


a friend of mine celebrates her birthday in a couple of days and i want to give her something special. so, since i'm the romantic kind of guy, i want to make her personal earrings. i've got the hooky thing to attatch it to your ear, but i have no clue about what i'm going to make.

does anyone have ideas?

edit: right after posting this question i got inspiration.
what do you think about this?: http://img375.imageshack.us/img375/8278/persoonlijkeoorbellen.png
i'm thinking of putting some of those small diamont things around the beads with the name.
i'm still open for other ideas


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That looks nice. The only thing is, watch the weight. If she often wears large or heavy earrings, you're fine, but if she normally wears finer earrings, or studs, she may find them uncomfortable.

Have a look around this site for ideas, but if you want to make them truly personal, hang something on the hooks that interests her. A local sewing shop might have interesting buttons to match a hobby, or you could carve/mould something out of polymer clay and hang it on the hook.

that is a realy smart notice...
so i'll scrap that idea (unless i can find some low-weight beads).
but i feel like doing something with her name...
i guess that with a smaller earring that's hard,
cause the name would have to be realy small.


Narrow twigs, with the bark on, but shaved flat on one side - heat a needle in a flame, and do some really small pyrography to write her name on the twigs, then hang them from the hooks.

Note that many crafts stores stock jewelry "findings" -- the basic metal components -- including those for earrings. Starting with that reduces the risk of the metal of the hook being the wrong size or being a metal that will cause irritation.

(I know someone whose skin reacts badly to anything but the higher-quality metals. You may want to check that issue with your friend before you invest too many hours, to avoid winding up with something she can't wear. I know, it ruins the surprise a bit, but "nice but I can't use them" ruins it worse.)