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how successful are "growboxes" ("earthboxes") as seen in Mother Earth news? Answered

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mcpguru (author)2009-03-21

My earthbox (real one) produced two tomato plants 5' tall that produced well in MA. The next year I had 2 cherry tomato plants (sweet 100s) that kept my kids in the back yard eating them like candy (couldn't measure -- lost too much to kids and birds). My home made one took 4 pole bean plants and I harvested enough last year (SF, CA area) to make 4 dinners, plus give 2 more away -- from 4 plants! And that box was sharing with chives, garlic and flowers.

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iPodGuy (author)2009-02-27

I built three of these:
And let me tell you, they are awesome. For less than $10 in materials each, I grew basil and parsley all season last year. I also plan on building a few more.

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