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how to amplify my sprint sierra 250u aircard signal? Answered

i live in the woods where comcast or verizon hi speed internet isn't avaliable, so i use my 250u aircard connected to a 3g router for internet. my download speed is pretty stable, but my upload speed is up and down. if i can get a stable upload speed of over 100kp i'm fine, but sometimes its like 30,56, 21kp, when i play my xbox online if i have an upload speed over 100kp i don't have an issue, but below that my game lags so bad. how can i amplify my signal so it doesn't drop? do you think an old satelite dish in front of the aircard turned at the correct direction can amplify my signal?


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mpilchfamily (author)2012-02-28

Your not going to be able to amplify the signal. A dish around the card will help the receiving end but not the transmission end. A 3G connection is not meant for gaming.

The drops in signal may not have anything to do with your card but the load on the nearest cell tower.

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