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how to an angel chime? Answered

hi everybody, you wizards for crafting,!!!!!
I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice as to make  a candle powered angel chime, i love them, thank you for helping


I have no experience with them but now I feel like making one. Going aluminum instead of "tin" would probably help the weight some, a few fixed weights below the tip of the nail to keep the center of gravity below the point but even and it should balance pretty good. Could even extend into the dangling things perhaps. Probably nothing good looking but I haven't thought about them in ages and that'd be fun.


8 years ago

hi, thank you for answering, I think you're right , I will buy one and craft something else, I found some really cheap ones

You want 4 candles at least, these things aren't that powerful.


You know what these thing look like, the most important technical bits are balance and a really low friction bearing.
How about cutting the lid of a "tin can" with scissors to make the fan, and driving a sharp nail dead-central through it for the bearing. The dangly-bits will be harder, as will the bells (unless you've got bells from somewhere?). The stand could be made of wood, but it's sounding a bit ambitious...