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how to bypass a password on an nec lt280 projector? Answered

Hi, have purchased a second hand nec lt280 projector, have tried to use, but is password protected, i asked the people i bought it from, they said they dont have password, asked nec, they wont help. When i turn projector on it asks for password straight away, i cant get any further, can anyone help?  Cheers....


That's pretty fascinating that a projector would have a password...

googled the instruction manual:

adlib "if you forget your password your dealer or nec can give you a release key".

http://www.necdisplay.com/cms/documents/UserManuals/LT380_user_manual.pdf    page 82

I guess that's their way of trying to thwart theft of the units.  If you steal one you can't use it so why bother stealing it?

...but it can be unlocked by the company.

Presumably only after you convince them that you're the legitimate owner.

The ONLY way is to get the code from NEC or take it to a NEC service centre, both methods require full proof of original purchase and a method of personal ID.

They won't just give out the code as the codes are there to stop thief's from using the projector, trust me from experience with this exact problem NEC won't budge.

Have you looked for a small reset button like those on routers? Might be inside somewhere.

Have you tried popular default passwords like 1234, 0000, Password, password, admin, letmein, 4321?

No concrete suggestion, but take a look inside for backup batteries, remove and leave for a few minutes, then re-try ?