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how to clean suede? Answered

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MikaelaHolmesBest Answer (author)2017-01-26

Hi! Suede can be a bit tricky to clean, and if you are ok going the non-DIY route, it can be a good idea to take your piece to a dry cleaner. But if you do want to try doing it at home, brush the suede with a clean dry towel, then try using an eraser (preferably a large rubber art eraser) to remove stains, if that doesn't work try using a towel and white vinegar on the stains. Let the vinegar dry to see if it's working. You can also try brushing the suede with a clean toothbrush or wire brush to get of caked on dirt. Alternatley you can buy a suede cleaning kit, but this is basically just a brush and and eraser (https://www.amazon.com/Fiebings-Suede-Nubuck-Cleaner-Kit/dp/B008IXN4RW). Good luck and I hope this helps!

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