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how to cloes my intructables account? Answered

I'm done with the internets. How do I close my account? Cheers!


Please take me off your newsletter subscription please Thanks Sharon

There's a link at the bottom of the newsletter email to unsubscribe:>>>

.. the internets?

When did they build a second one??

I'll take care of it for you.

I'm interested by "done with the internets" - are you going to live in the country free of technology? Or are you just going to lose internet access? L

No, I'm just tired of the internets and how much of my time it takes up. So I've given my laptop to my little sister and intend not to use the internets anymore ever again! Well, not really ever again.. But I'm cutting down on it!

I dare say that your time could be spent much worse than on Instructables. This is the HGTV/Discovery Channel of the intertubes. I gave up television about 10 years ago - i just watch it in hotel rooms or clips online.


11 years ago

Just don't use it - why would you need to close the account?

I agree why would you close it, you may just get bored one day and visit again.

Tell Eric (ewilhelm) that you want it removed, and he'll delete it.