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how to compile and program usbtiny firmware, and using what (software)? Answered

i want to make an usbtiny v1.0, but how to program the firmware ? 

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seandogue (author)2009-12-21

Aside from the obvious answer about going to AVR's website to learn, you can purchase a module that will assist on the hardware site at www.ladyada.net/make/usbtinyisp/

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Rendydevara (author)seandogue2009-12-21

i have visited it, but how can i program the firmware into my attiny2313 ?
I've made usbtinyisp v1.0 and I also have firmware that is included in the folder "spi" (main.hex).
when installed on the PC appears "unknown device"

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seandogue (author)Rendydevara2009-12-22

I'm sorry. As I noted above, I would suggest that you contact the mfg for assistance. Both of the answers I gave above should be enough to solve the issue. The link shows it quite clearly in fact.

I can't give you a step-by step answer, since I don't have time to do the very same reading that it would require you to do at the link I gave you and at the mfg site, as I suggested.

good luck

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