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how to connect RGB controller to existing 12v power cable? Answered

Hi all
In my backyard, I already installed a 300 watt transformer.  I connected/ran a 12v low voltage cable around my back yard.It was for an uplight project.  Now, I removed all those lights (the 12v cable still there) and want to install LED RGP lighting.Im stuck at how to connect the RGB controller to the existing  12v cable.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks a bunch,Kevin?


Just be wary of if the wire in the ground used to have 12VDC or 12VAC signal -- because if its AC you'll need a rectifier on your RGB controller or you may damage it.

The wire for DC should be polarized - having a white stripe on one side to indicate the negative connection. That is 'ground' on your RGB controller - and the other wire +, goes to the + side of your RGB controller.

It would help to know what the power requirements of the controller are?