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how to connect my 6 wire stepper to ramps 1.4 shield, and which stepper driver should i use ?? Answered

stepper is nema 17 4.5kg torque  and the current rating is 1.3 A , please give me the link for the stepper driver ...... :) Thanks in Advance



Best Answer 2 years ago

If the 6 wire is a center tap version then wire the four outside wires.

If you don't have an ohm meter LEDs can tell you a lot.

BTW , I could not find if the ramps 1.4 can handle your stepper 1.3amps !!


so i think i should use an " A4988" stepper driver..... because as they say it can handle a current upto 2A , And the pinout is as given...... which wire nodes should i use ????


Disregard the YEL & WHT ...Use the BLK, GRN and the RED, BLU.

thanks brother.........

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