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how do I connect the Wemos D1 r2 to an L298n motor driver to control 2 DC mootors? Answered

Hi , I'm new and I'm looking for help to see how we can wire a Wemos d1 r2 and L298n motor driver. My objective is to control 2 DC motors with Blynk. I will really appreciate anyone's answer or sketch or link to help me out.


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Josehf Murchison (author)2016-06-15

This is the same kind of IC.

You can get the datasheets here to make sure you get the pin outs right.


This Arduino circuit should do you for the wiring.

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huguens (author)Josehf Murchison2016-06-21

the problem is on the l298n the pins Ena, n1,n2, Enb, n3,n4 do not work with the digital pins when they are connect to the Wemos D1.

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iceng (author)2016-06-15

This is half of the L298...

C & D are tied to uP logic outputs. Start with V_enable tied to logic Vcc, later you can tie it to a 3d logic pin if you want no power spin down.

Be sure to click the pic to see the whole image.

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