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how to control home equipments with remote control ? Answered

i want to that , how can i remotely control my room LIGHTS , FANS etc.. or is there any product like this ?


i want it at cheap price , homemaded...

You said "is there any product like this"

Further, any controls you make at home will require the use of pre-made components , so homemade only goes so far. Of course there are remote control designs all over the internet and here at instructables. A simple search for wireless remote control or IR remote control will provide you with the answers.

All you have to do is couple that to relays.

Finally, cheap is relative. X-10 modules are some of the least inexpensive home automation controls on the market. Not a plug, just a simple fact.

Yes. You can install a system called "X-10" to remotely control "everyting." You can also by individual boxes that plug into outlets, with key-fob type remote controls. Check with RadioShack or Fry's Electronics, or just do a Google search with exactly your question.

Agreed. X-10 is very is easy to work with as well.