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how to convert 8mm film to DVD? Answered

 I have many old 8mm films and would like to convert to DVD to share w/ family members who would love to see these early periods of our lives.
Any help greatly appreciated.  Instructables is the best.


 Your best bet is to have it done professionally like bassbindevil suggested. Otherwise, if you have an 8mm film projector, set it up with a video camera next to it. If at all possible, project it onto an actual projector screen because it is slightly reflective and will yield a much better picture. A white wall will do in a pinch though.

If these are heirloom family films, pay someone to do it right.  That means sending them to a place that has professional telecine gear, not a ground glass screen and a camcorder.


8 years ago

 The only way I've seen is to get a converter box.
You can easily make one. It's nothing more than a box that you project the film into with a digital video camera inside it. You could use a web cam if you're satisfied with the quality of the one you have. You'll have to play around with the focus of the projector and the zoom of the web cam.

I like this idea especially with the inclusion of a box.  Maybe something like this but definitely modified so it's a "black" box, which doesn't let any outside light in, with a mini projection screen inside.

A hard way is to scan the film, cut each frame...
Play the film onto a screen, film it with a digital video camera. Be sure not to project too far so that the image is bright enough.