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how to convert a bust statue to hang on the wall? Answered

I have this deer head table top ceramic bust that I want to hang on the wall. Any thoughts, ideas, products that could help me transform this to a wall hanging? I would like it to hang like the the rhino.



I've used a dremel with a high speed diamond coated wheel ~13$ before with luck. It is slow going and you can't rush it. I was doing a much smaller job than this one: not sure how long this would take you using the dremel. As canucksgirl said, it's tricky to do without damaging it.

(Dremel guide had recommendations for tool speed for ceramics)

The way I've marked things for diagonal cuts is to rest it (neck down) on a stand in a filled bath tub. (For my stand, i used a submerged bowl filled with towels). Then traced around the neck just above the water line in sharpie. It's clunky, but I got a straight line on the diagonal and it gives you a good sense of what the end product will look like. (Whatever's above the waterline)

Good luck!

Ceramic is difficult to cut without risk of damage, but you can easily display this on a wall without hanging it... Just make a floating shelf for it and its displayed. :-)

Diamond edged saw ? Cut the neck at a diagonal, just like the traditionally mounted real heads/