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how to convert a toy car into remote control car? Answered


I want to make a four wheeled remote control toy car.I have completed half of its parts i.e. the body whic is square shaped and little bit slanting in the front,the wheels are also fixed ,whic i obtained from an old broken toy car.I have fixed three motors,each of 1.5 volts.I had also connected the motors to two 9 volt batteries, and i have also fixed one switch and now i am able to run my car.
      But my question to you is that how can i make this toy car remote control?Pleease can u suggest me some answers . And aklso tell me what are the things i need to make my RC car.
 TYPE OF ANSWER I ASPECT:1.the steps to make my toy car remote controlled
                                                       2.The things to make it remote controlled  
please give me an positive answer



Materials:- 1] cardboard of 2 side of 10 inc and 2 side of 6 inc
2] 4 motors each of 5 volts
3] 3 switch 2 of rocker 1 of simple switch
4] 1 battery 20 volts

Procedure:-first take cardboard fixed 4 motors on cardboard each side then take long wires join to each wire of motors then take wires of 2 motors fixed to the rocker switch do the same to remaining motors also then fixed the battery wire to the rocker switch then your remote control car is ready to run


buy a rc car take d rc parts and put them in your design, i also did one a simple not-arranged one

Your truth is this:
Buy a remote-controlled car, take the RC parts out of it and put them into your design.


If they are using 18volt then they want you to use a relay I made one here there are cheap recargable 18 volts at harbor freight. https://www.instructables.com/id/relay-that-clears-pulses/

This is really not an easy task - You need to study and understand how they work:

RC transmitters
RC receivers
RC Servos


May help