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how to convert a wired rc car into wireless?? Answered

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Re-designBest Answer (author)2010-02-01

You need to purchase transmitter and receiver on the same frequency, a steering servo batteries and an esc (electronic speed control).  Design a way to mount the steering servo to the steering system, mount the receiver, antenna and esc inside the car with the antenna sticking up, connect the esc. to the motor.  Charge the batteries and away you go.

It will be much cheaper to just buy a premade r/c car but you won't learn anything about building r/c cars and building it is more than half the fun.

Good luck.

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NachoMahma (author)2010-02-01

.  Pull the body off of the wired car and place it on a wireless chassis.
.  Otherwise, what Re-design said: you have to add radio receiver (and xmitter to send control signals), servos, batteries, &c. Probably cost more than buying a new car. &c, &c, &c

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MatthewB173 (author)NachoMahma2016-03-11

I want to do the same thing. But buying new isn't an option. I have this:


I want to convert it to radio control. They just don't make any radio or remote control fire trucks like this anymore. So conversion is my only option. This truck is older than I am but still runs strong. I'm 31 lol. I want to be able to wirelessly control the truck (forward, reverse, left, right) , the ladder (up, down, left, right, extend & retract) and the siren (on/off lights, on/off/momentary siren) :) everything listed is already remote control via wired remote, I just want it to be wireless, and possibly have variable speed control for the drive functions

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