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how to copy and print large high resolution maps using Google Earth or any other tool to create a wall sized map? Answered

How can i extract large map out of Google Earth to print it on a color printer supporting A4 sheets to make a large map wall.


Here is the solution:

I have created a tool called - Google Map Customizer. You can customize the colors on a Google Map and get large, high resolution images with simple clicks: http://www.chengfolio.com/google_map_customizer

There is no additional tools/software required except a web browser.

Here is the video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pp1h4m8LDWw

Map Puzzle makes it possible to download highly detailed images from google maps and many other map services in whatever format you like! www.mappuzzle.se

i would like to making thee map for my hotel to print how i can do ?

i try making online, but no working this is Luang prabang Map


I used mapandprint.com to make my wall map. you can draw on the map and create what they call a "panel map" nothing more than a number of map images you can have printed. Printed my map at walmart in an hour.

If you dont know about code, this is a cheep option.


They charge you and they don't tell you how much until you enter all yur pertinates.

This brilliant metacafe video shows you how to save a large google map using the html code gmaps gives you plus a firefox extension to grab the page as a jpeg. You could then use rasterbator to handle the printing of a large image on to A4 sheets to be stuck together.


ProPoster--the program for poster and photowall-paper printing. You may use standard (A0, A1, A2) format poster or by user defined format poster in the size up to 10 * 10 m. With ProPoster's help you can print out standard graphic files, the text and diagrams from the Word and Excel, CAD drawings, html-pages as poster. Program automatically divides the chosen image into the necessary quantity of pages. For creation of the poster a glue, scissors and little skills are required in addition.