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how to copy data from a CD that shows cyclic redundancy error while copying? Answered

 i wanted to copy some data from a CD but while copying, it showed a cyclic redundancy error.
can anyone suggest any way that i can copy the data from that CD?


Try another computer. 
Try software that just copies an image without checking for errors.

@ Re-design...can u suggest me any software with the specification u mentioned??? for win xp

I've not done it in a while.  Try this link.  It explains what needs to be done and a link to the software.  You are trying to make an image of the disk.  That image will contain any and all errors also.

Good luck.

I had huge problems with this when I was copying info from backup disks.  I ended up using an ancient laptop running windows me to recover the data.  You could try what Re-design suggested with the software. 

Just another thought, you could try using a linux live CD.