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how to copy to my flash automatically and sliently? Answered

If someone has a flash disk plugged in their computer and i want to plug my flash disk in the same computer, keep it there for a second so that it copies all the contents of the other flash AUTOMATICALLY AND SILENTLY, AND OF A SPECIFIC FILE TYPE ONLY, or maybe some other criteria (like: copy all pdf or ppt files from all over the computer whether from another flash or from the hardisk itself), how can that be done?
i've already seen THIS TUTORIAL, and tested it on windows 7, it's not silent and it's not automatic and it doesn't copy from another flash disk but from the user's profile only



8 years ago

thank you both
i asked because i knew that some friend of mine could do it... personally i won't do it, but learning how it's done is another story =D

Windows vista + 7 have the autorun protection to stop program like this from infecting computers with any potentially automatic code execution that isn't expected - silent?  probably not unless they disabled the protection.

You need to modify it so that it looks specifically for the drive you want, not the user folder.  The script looks to grab the drive letter from the OS  - you may need to hard code which drive to search.

If you really need to silently grab some files you either need a trojan, or go in and set their drive to shared, then connect over the network and grab the files you want.

Whiiichh is rather sketchy at best. I certainly wouldn't do it. (Hint hint, nudge nudge.)