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how to crack a wepkey? Answered

i some how locked my self out of my router and i dont know wat the wep key or net work security key is there a way to crack the wep key? and i tried to reset the router and it still asks for a key


As many others say - hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds with the power unplugged. Wep should be disabled by default. Go into the router (likely admin/no password) and set up wireless again with a new key. Recommended to use WPA-PSK as it's at least a bit more secure than WEP, which can be cracked in something like 15 seconds.

well you can always try hard resetting the router look for a reset pinhole on the case, slip a paperclip or pin in and depress the button for like 10 secs it should reset the router to factory defaults. the procedure may vary according to manufacture so I suggest looking in the manual or online

If you connect to the router with an ethernet cable you don't need the WEP key. Log in with whatever you set the password to (usually username = admin and password = password) then you can pick a new WEP key.

CAIN and abel or air pcap, use the recovery tool, the one for pre-existing passwords and it'll find them on your computer, if you can't get them that way you'll need to crack it by capturing packets etc.