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how to crack my bitdefender antivirus to full version? Answered

i have a trial bitdefender antivirus which ends after 30 days i want to make it a fullversion without buying(very costly) what should i do?


instal bitlord go to a torrentsite and download the full version with serial hack

I believe this http://free.avg.com/ is the AVG that frollard is referring to. It's the one I'm using without paying anything for.


avg is free but an absolute waste as it does not block most of the harmfull viruses

. I transfer 3-5 GB/day over the 'Net and try out several new apps each month. I've been using AVG and Avast! on my computers for years - no infections. . No AV software is perfect. If you act unsafe, nothing can protect you completely.

Well then dip into your pocket and pay for what you think so valuable. L

If the paid software is so great, why are you not willing to pay $2 a month for it? (1pc,1year)

That would be about the cost of driving my car 1 extra mile per day.

Also, these folks in Delhi will apparently ship you a legitimate 1 year license for $11.

if you are not willing to pay for antivirus, don't pirate it - use a free solution. Be sure to uninstall any old versions first:
google any of the following:
avgfree (dont confuse with regular avg website)
I think nod32 has a free version...

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