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how to craft a plane in minecraft? Answered

i have the v1.4.7 and recently downloaded the software i need to make one i am currently building a runway behind my house in minecraft. could anyone tell me how to craft a plane. 



Last time I used it, there were a couple of other mods you needed to make it work (modloader and something to allow the plane models to work). If all that's installed properly, there is a special crafting table you need to build in order to assemble the planes. If the recipies shown on the mods forum topic aren't working, try installing too many items to see if any of the planes related items are available.

I haven't used this mod since 1.7.3, so I don't have the recipies, but the main topic about this mod on the minecraft forums should have them all listed there. I think most of the components could be made on a normal crafting table, but to put the plane together you will need the special plane crafting table.

Did you download a mod that allows you to make planes? Or are you wanting to make a plane in vanilla minecraft?

If in vanilla how big is the runway, how big of a plane do you want and what kind? I've seen people make wind mills in minecraft but those are bid enough to use fence post to approximate the blades. It will be harder to work out props on a plane unless this is going to take up a several hundreds of block area.

i am still making the runway and i have the planes v 15 i think and all the requirements that the site said. all i want is the instructions for a normal plane


Answer 5 years ago

i do have a craft table in my minecraft home and going to build a barn after a while.

I'm not familiar with any planes mod so you'll have to refer to the forums or wiki (if they have one) to get more info about it. If it's a smaller lesser known mod you may have to contact the creator directly. Either way you'll find better help on the mindcraft forums.