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how to create a simple virus to hack the programs? Answered



sorry man no one can give you a real answer on here (loosers!) so i guess i will have to. To create a virus simply learn a programming language (i reccomend C to for begginers). once you know how to programm then you should beable to create simple viruses on your own. now if you want to be a hacker i reccomend reading up on internet security and also learning linux/unix opperating system. by the way some other reccomended languages after C would be C++ java and pearl. those are all really good. also if you want to hack websites you should definately learn HTML with programming. peace man and people if your going to give a retarted reply just dont

Click on this link.
Fill out the short online request form and use the Comments field to explain what kind of virus you want to create, what kind of damage you want it to cause, what types of personal information (i.e. credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, bank account info, etc.) you want to collect, etc.
Then just click the "Post Comment" button, and the virus experts will get in touch with you shortly.

Thanks, it's been my standard response for "How do I create a virus" ever since somebody gave it a "Best Answer".  I can only imagine how happy it must have made them to find that it is so easy to get the kind of attention they needed.

You're wasting your time... Just smash the programs with a piece of wood until the insides spill-out.


.  You're looking for a different kind of hacker than populates the DIY crowd.
.  If you need help getting rid of a virus, this is the site to ask questions.

I would use a fine toothed power hacksaw.  That would have the power to hack thru just about anything you'll run into.