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how to customize my electric guitar? Answered

hello guys.
i have a cort g210 (mine is black) and i want to paint the pickups black.
and maybe type something on its pickguard.
any help would be appreciated.thanks.

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Lorem (author)2011-05-18

Hi, hehe... well you could start with "Glow in the dark strings"... how that sounds?



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Lorem (author)Lorem2011-05-18

Now, if you have something more advanced, you could try the led's...


Also there is another instructable with some awesome leds too, but I couldn't find it....

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s3p3hr (author)Lorem2011-05-19

thanks,i already checked that.
but my guitar has only 1 humbucker and its not worth disassembling.
i decided not to ruin the finish with stickers,but i want to paint my pickups black.

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