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how to cut knex pieces??? Answered

i wil cut a orange connector but how??


Well if you just want one tab off, break it off. If you want to cun it in half use a hand saw. Thats wut I do.

 i use wire cutters


8 years ago

you could just use a blade. its very efective

Step 1- grab a knife Step 2- cut your arms Instant emo.

I have only broken one knex part on purpose, and I used pliers for that.

Put the prongs into two different red connectors, snap them off, then use sand paper to make them smooth.

thanks everyone

Aren't they just plastic? Use a razor saw.

You should get one if you cut things ofter. They make a nice clean cut and your designs will look better with professional cuts. Get some tools.

They're just plastic, so you could use heavy-duty wire cutters.

have no razor saw