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how to cut plexi glass and how thick? Answered

i want to build a clear plexi glass deck for my goped scooter i was wondering how thick i would need to support a 220lb person and how can i cut it perfectly with out it cracking and looking terrible


If you have a band saw, use that to cut it. Go slowly and use a really small amount of cutting (as if it were hardwood) and it won't crack - in my experience. If you don't have a band saw, I have heard that putting tape on both sides of the cut before cutting, it will keep the splintering to a minimum. Are you sure you need to use plexiglass? Or do you just want a clear plastic window? If you aren't going to be picky about materials (or, maybe if you were) you could (IMO should) use Lexan. That stuff is nearly unbreakable. For a while, Home Depot had a display with a piece of lexan and a sledgehammer, asking customers to try to break it. I have never heard of it breaking. If you used that, 3/8 would hold more than 220 lbs.

Exactly as cheese says - 3/8 LEXAN should cut it - half inch would be better.

 Oh yeah. I was at lowes yesterday buying plexiglass and saw
lexan. It had super strength, highest you could buy. I was going to use it to make a laptop stand with it but I ending up going with plexi due to price and ease of cutting(with X-Acto). 

any peice under 1/4 inch can be scribed and snapped like glass

Also if your planning on using a table saw, use a blade designed for cutting plastic. If you cant find a plastic cutting blade, use a fine toothed plywood blade.

If you want it to be a square or rectangle, the table saw would be the best way to cut it. Putting tape on both sides helps minimize the cracking. A better way is to sandwich the plexi between two pieces of scrap sheet goods. This also keeps the plexi from scratching as it moves across the table saw. You can get special blades for cutting plastic on your table saw, or use a regular blade; don't push it through too slow, or it will heat up and start to melt the plexi. Also, a face shield, or at least goggles, and sleeves are highly recommended as hot bits of plastic will be flying at your face.

I use a table saw to cut mine. I have cut up to 3/8 thick so far with out any problems. No tape or help.