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how to defragment a NAS? Answered

i would love to know how to defratment a NAS drive. i have the WD The Book World connected to my router by eithernet. i was wondering if there is any way i can defregment the drive?


 If it's NTFS, then you can use Diskeeper (2010 is the current version) to defrag networked drives; but if it's formatted with one of the linux filesystems, then sorry, but I don't know of any utility.

Ah yes.  Now I remember that that drive didn't store things in the usual windows way.  I had trouble getting it to work right and just converted it to a normal drive.

With what tool did you determine that it needs defragmentation?


Can't you just log into that drive and then defragment it?  I had that drive but never hooked it to a router just straight to my computer but I don't think I ever defragged it.