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how to design (crease-free) vinyl records bowls without waves Answered

Most of you might know the bowls you can make out of old vinyl records (like: https://www.instructables.com/id/Vinyl-Record-Bowl-2/ OR https://www.instructables.com/id/Vinyl-Fruit-Bowl/).

But how the hell is this done:
http://bit.ly/1g9PL1h AND http://bit.ly/1erfVBd a bowl without waves. Just plain.
Any idea or insctrutable?


I can't guarantee that this will work or not as I have never tried it, but perhaps you could try to make the bowl the normal way, but use two identical forms and press the record in between them while it is still hot. Just a thought. I may try it out today if I can find two identical forms!

The same way plastic sheets like acrylic and whatnot are formed into a nice shape. Use a vacuum forming machine. Plenty of DIY vacuum forming designs out there.

DIY vacuum forming? Never heard.
But why should the record melt without waves in a vacuum?
And how to get the heat in a vacuum.

Seems to be instructable / foredoomed to me ;(


Don't forget to block the hole in the middle!