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how to download and ebook? Answered

how do i download and ebook?



To download an ebook, click on the one you want to download, then click the yellow "Download the eBook" button.

On the next page you choose how you want to download your ebook. You can choose between a PDF or an ePub file. Click the yellow button for the file type you want (example shown in image below).

If you selected PDF, the file will open. Then go to "File" and "Save As", and save the PDF to your computer.


thanks, the photo was especially helpful. i couldnt see the download buttons properly on my screen, soi looked at where they should be and clicked and it just worked.

thanks again

You're welcome. Do you have an AdBlocker or anything else that prevents Ad's and/or popups from loading? I suspect one of those things may be preventing you from seeing the buttons, and may also interfere with other parts of the site. If you don't have anything like that and everything else works fine, then you may want to add your comments to this forum topic which discusses this issue. (Including a screenshot of what you see would help as well as noting your OS & browser info).

BTW, you can also mark this question as 'answered' by clicking on one of the blue buttons. :-)

Click on the button that says "download", and then choose the format you want.