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how to find a room for rent in the bay area.? Answered

how do I find a good room to rent, I have looked for a month and the ones I have found are to strange to me I just want a room in the san jose ca area to rent for at lest two years how do I do this. I can pay 400-500 a month and pefer a lease and very little cleaning deposit.


Craigslist. Those "Aparments for Rent" throwaway magazines in grocery stores. Talking to people you know and asking where they're renting.

Posting on a world-wide discussion forum for people who build projects is not very high on the list of successful options.

+1, Craigslist is more and more becoming one of the biggest places to find housing as rental companies have started listing there and often offering specials for people who are referred from CL.

(If it wasn't for the fact that said website's office is slap in the middle of the Bay Area...)

However, HQ's advice to AiR's and interns is also to start with checking Craigslist. Even if you only find a room for a couple of weeks, that at least gets you into the area, so you can check the area for yourself.