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how to find t pin and ground on headset of force trainer toy? Answered

i can not find t pin and ground on head set board of force trainer toy,can somebody help me?


Hey. I was looking for evidence of other projects involving this "force trainer toy". I asked Google Images to give me "force trainer toy serial output pins",


and one of these images kind of jumped out at me, specifically because someone had labeled it with the words, "T Pin". The article containing those images, is here:


Direct links to images labeled "T Pin" and "Ground Pin", respectively:



i understand about pin and thank you for that,but i do not know how to download software and install?

well,thank you did help me to put wire together,but now i still have problem to download software.i have windows 10 operating system and i am lost with this.

you did rely try to help me with this.i do not have much experience managing software i do not know is there simplest way to do it?

i do not know how to download software, i wonder if you could help me?

hi jack,i understand how to wire to aurdino,now i have problem downloading software to my computer ,i wonder do you have any idea how to do it and could you possibly help me?

Well, I think the tricky part for the software, specifically the software that frontiernerds,


calls "Processing Brain Visualizer" with links to at a Github page for this, plus link to a required library, "controlP5 Processing GUI Library",

I think the tricky part is both of those are made to run under a development environment (DE) called "Processing"


I've never heard of it before, but their web page says they've been around for like 15 years. Anyway, I guess you have to download the Processing environment and get that set up on your computer. Then download "controlP5 Processing GUI Library" and "Processing Brain Visualizer" both of which run under the Processing environment.

The other part of the software is the part that runs on the Arduino. I am guessing you already have the Arduino development environment, aka Arduino IDE,



set up on your computer, and that you know how to write sketches for your Arduino board, or copy sketches others have written, and upload these to, get them running on the Arduino.

If your question is about a specific instructable, often the best place to ask for help is in the comments section of that 'ible.

I am guessing you are asking about this one,


The picture in Step 2 of this 'ible shows the board of the force trainer toy, with two added wires, colored white and purple.

It helps somewhat if you look at the big, full res version of this picture, here:


Although the author fails to tell us which wire is which, it kind of looks to me like the white wire is connected to one side of a battery holder, and I am guessing the white wire is "ground". If the white wire is "ground", then the other one, the purple one, must be "t".

I do not see the letter "t" on the board, in this picture. Although I do see a "R" and a "V" nearby. I have no idea what any of these letters are supposed to stand for, or symbolize.

By the way, those same white and purple wires are shown connected to an Arduino in a picture in Step 4. Again the author cannot be bothered to tell us what these wires are by color, but perhaps it is obvious which is which from the pins they are connected to. That is to say maybe it is obvious to those familiar with the Arduino which of those is Arduino's pin 0, and which is a block of Arduino's ground pins.

Wait. I think I got that backwards. The purple wire looks like it's connected to the battery holder, and white wire looks like it's connected to that 2-by-3 block of pins.

Cheese and rice! Why can't people label their wires?

I so link that you suggested.i will try it .thank you very much.

i am not sure is it connected to battery holder or something else?

Thank you,helps,but i still did not solve this.