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how to fix a broken laptop usb port? Answered

i have a emachines E525 laptop built by Acer and it has only 2 usb ports.  both of them are broken.  how do you fix them ?


You guys are experts?why don't you answer the question,instead of asking stupid questions and making dumb remarks.I would like an answer to this question,but obvious won't get it here!

emachines are notorious for being low-quality hardware. Burf has it right, but I suspect that the easy fixes like "blow the dust out of the port"  or "reinstall the drivers" are less likely to solve the problem than the "take it apart" solution. As Burf said, do start with the easy fixes, but be prepared for surgery.

No emachines are not. right around 2004, when I bought 2 desktops, my mom also bought 2 Sony Vaio desktops They had the same hardware inside, same mobo, HDD, Processor, even the heatsinks and fans on the processor and graphics cards were the same. All four of those computers will not die.

I'm glad you have had good luck with yours, but I have known far too many others whose experiences were not nearly so positive. I suspect that the issues that many people have had with emachines may not necessarily be caused by the major components themselves as much as the supporting components and the way they are assembled. Having never taken one apart personally, this is just conjecture on my part.
As to the question of whether they are "notorious" or not, I'll just refer you to the numerous un-stellar reviews from reputable sites such as CNET and PCWorld. The fact is, emachines are "budget" computers. They are designed and built to be exactly that. In order to hold the price down, corners get cut in both materials and labor. This is not a slam on emachines or the people who own them, simply an observation that you get what you pay for.

How did you manage to break an emachine in the first place? No matter what I do to both of mine they WILL NOT die.


8 years ago

I assume you have tried more than one USB device in the ports and none work.
So, take a flashlight and look down in the ports, make sure that none of the pins are bent or stuck or that there isn't something preventing the USB plugs from making contact with all of the internal pins.
If you still have the restore disk, try re-installing the USB drivers.  If none of those yield positive results, you'll need to open it up and see if there is a broken connection or solder joint.

This might sound stupid, but how do you know they are broken? What happens when you try to use them?