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how to fix elastic waistband that's too tight? Answered

I have a circle skirt with a wide elastic waistband. Skirt is chiffon and waistband material is velour...I think. Awhile back I cut a hole in the waistband and then cut the elastic in the back and tied the two loose pieces together with string to give me more room but I need to fix that. I want to really fix it not have it tied together. I will doing it all by hand so I need easy solutions. I don't own a sewing machine. You can see that the waistband in the front is flat and in the back its all crooked and soft. that's where i cut it. I guess there's no 'support in there now. I showed the pictures of how I cut the waistband. So any ideas are welcome. get rid of elastic? attach more? use something else to connect it?...ok Thanks...


You can sew in another piece of elastic to bridge the gap, or replace the entire length of it with new elastic to the right measurement. You can hand-sew elastic, or you could staple it together. Seems like you might run into trouble with staples down the road though. I suggest hand-sewing.

You could try cutting small v's in the top and bottom of the elastic which will allow for greater stretch, depending on how much you want to let it out maybe 5-10 small cuts on top and bottom. I'm not a huge fan of my answer, however given that you don't own a sewing machine it may be the easiest. Hope you fix it!