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how to get TiO2 from a white paint? Answered

actually I want to make a solar panel and for that I need TiO2, would you please tell how to extract it from the paint?


Easier to buy it from a chemical supplier

Undoubtedly far cheaper too. Remember, the reason TiO2 is used is because relatively little of it is needed to create a bright white. That means there isn't going to be very much, by volume, in the paint even if you _could_ separate it out (which you probably can't, in any reasonable way). And paint isn't cheap . (I'm also seconding Lemonie's question about what design you're working from. I haven't heard of TiO2 as an ingredient in solar panels, so I'd like to hear more about this.)

i really don't think you want to be doing that. which design are you working from? L