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how to get comments on your instructions? Answered

im new here and no one wrote me anything at all HELP!


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KitemanBest Answer (author)2012-03-08
  1. Think about your title - what is special, cool or unique about your project?
  2. Include the instructions - don't challenge people to ask for them.
  3. Credit your sources - include links to where your ideas came from.
  6. Advertise - post a link on your FaceBook page, Tweet it, email it to your friends, post it to blogs.

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thegeeke (author)2012-03-09

No problem... just making a suggestion... not trying to be disparaging. :)

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bwrussell (author)2012-03-09

Most instructables don't get comments. The only one of mine that has generated any substantial number of comments was a finalist in a contest which drove a lot of traffic it to it. Even then the percentage of views that generated a comment is .18%. That's a little less then 1 comment out of every 500 views. Of course more well known and followed authors probably generate more.

Don't be discouraged, comments don't necessarily mean your Instructable is bad or no one is viewing it. One of my featured and front page instructables doesn't have any comments. Follow @Kiteman's advice and look at some of the front page posts and notice how they are put together (Clear writing, good flow from step to step, unique content, etc). It's better to take your time than to rush out instructables, quality over quantity.

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thegeeke (author)2012-03-08

For one thing, it will help if you use proper grammar. I just looked at your ible, and I could hardly read it. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just calling it like I see it. (You did ask!)

It's also possible that people didn't have anything to say... in my case, I am a tech guy, and don't have any comments to give regarding crafting.  Also, your ible is old enough that people will probably not see it in the recent articles anymore, so unless they are searching for it, they will not see it.

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rickharris (author)2012-03-08
frollard (author)2012-03-08

First off, welcome to the site! Good job on your first ible;

The most engaging instructables generate the most comments -- creating feature-worthy, high quality, unique, interesting content will definitely be a good step to getting more views and interaction.

Instead of posting a slideshow of your wallet, and a comment saying "ask me how I did it"...consider creating a full step-by-step ible that explains the steps. As always, be interesting, tell a story AS your instructions.

With your slideshow, I found it difficult to have anything to say really. It does what it should - try stuffing it with real/fake money or cards to show off the features/slots. Why did you go with axe labels over another logo? Tell us the who what when where why and you'll have plenty of material to work with.

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