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how to get water out of a DS and fix the blank screen on your ds ? Answered



I prefer those "do not eat" silica gel packets for drying out electronics (because rice tends to have a lot of fine 'dust' particles in it). That being said, if you can remove as much water from the start (without spreading it around) and remove the battery, then cover it in silica gel (or rice if you don't have the silica gel) it will help to dry out the remaining water. If however, the unit has been damaged by the water and components are fried, then you'll need to have your DS looked at by someone qualified, so that they can tell you what needs replacing and if its worth doing so.

I hope that helps.

Its probably ruined already. Next time, get the battery out QUICKLY, shake out as much water as possible, then bury it in a pot of uncooked rice for a week or so.