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how to grease skateboard bearings with metal shields? Answered

i have a couple of abec 5 bearings and i tryed to grease them but i couldnt remove the metal shield withou t damaging it anyone know how to do it correctly?


i had an i dea about melting grease to pour on top of the bearing then wipe the excess offf

copper grease maybe i have tins of that

what about motor oil?

this stuff is really thin like water and has a misty yellow colour ive got about 4 cans its a very light lubricant also used on f1 karts

im talkiing about aersosol for drive chains like bikes

would mobil 1 synthetic chain aresol or tri flow do?

I have the highest respect for seandogue's answers but 3-in-1 oil is a light oil and not designed to stay in place; in short your bearings will run dry very quickly unless you lube then very frequently. Even if you did that the oil viscosity would not protect the ball bearings. If you are going to re-grease them then use something that is suited to the job. Sorry, seandougue! ;-)

If there is a metal shield that prevents you from greasing them, then they are probably not the kind the need greasing. They are probably sealed to prevent dirt and grit from entering the bearing. Did the instruction suggest greasing them. I would think that rather than grease a light machine oil would be suggested. Good luck.

light oil you say? maybe tri flow or 3 in 1 oil?

I Googled "abec 5 bearings how to grease" and got much the same idea from a
number of sites:

The bearings are shielded cos they're sealed already.

Could it be you've simply come to the end of their useful life?

Have a look, anyway, and have a look at the other links provided by Google.


Happy s8g! ;-)