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questions about flashing my sprint intercept with custom rom Answered

      I would like to flash a custom ROM to my rooted intercept to get a more stable, higher tech android system however i have concerns.

      will a custom ROM look zoomed in? i don't think so, i saw custom android builds working perfectly. but i still want to be sure! 

     Can i get a custom ROM that i can move most of the system files to the SD card? (i only have 160MB of internal storage, i cant install many apps. i would like a ability to move an entire app to SD. not 30% of it. also, the ability to move virtually all my apps to SD. i can only move half of them.)

     WILL I LOSE SPRINT SERVICE? (im not talking about bloatware, like the real usability of the phone ex: calling, texting, 3G networking)

     what is flashing a custom kernel? how?
     what are custom jits?

     what is SD partitioning, what does it do? is it similar to partitioning a hard drive on a computer?

please take a look down at my answers/comments for more unanswered Questions and concerns and keep updated on this question; i will add more questions.

thank you in advance,

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-max- (author)2011-09-14

OK, the deeper i dig into this, the more hopless and confused i get.

why do i need to flash a custom ROM?
what does flashing a custom kernal do?
can someone explain the step for step and not direct me to sdx or xda developers?
how to i use ROM manager?does it do all the steps automatically?
what does partitioning SD card mean? same as on a computer?
will i lose sprint service?
is there anything else i should know?
which rom is better for my phone?

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tragicallyhip (author)2011-09-14

Go to the xda developers website and check out the stuff they have available for download. Also I have heard that Cryonagan maybe your ticket.

Good luck

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-max- (author)2011-09-13

will i lose sprint connection flashing?

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-max- (author)2011-09-13

OK, my main concerns is this warning i read:

Always make sure that you choose correct version of the Kernel/ROM zip files. If you flash Sprint Kernel/ROM on VM USA Samsung Intercept or flash VM USA Kernel/ROM to Sprint Samsung Intercept, you may change your baseband and once baseband is changed it is impossible to restore Baseband. The Baseband is important for 3G Data, MMS and Voice Mail Notifications.

then, i guess (hope) i recover all data from sd, and if its compatable. i just want better preformance, faster CPU, more features, optimized graghics and some other minor things

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jj_alukkas (author)2011-09-12

Find an exact ROM for your particular phone so that automatically the screen resolution matches and you get the necessary resolution.

If you root it, you will be able to install apps to memory card unlike an unrooted phone which can only do to phone memory.

Yes, you will lose all data on your built in memory as the ROM loading needs a clean wipe.

For the process, check the android forums, there you can find step by step process and even custom roms for your phone.

And yes, to overclock, or do any modifications not allowed by factory, you need to root it, which is done when you install a custom ROM.

Joseph Alukka

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-max- (author)jj_alukkas2011-09-13

il make sure to look for a good rom. also, i installed rom manager. will installing using that wipe data, i dont want to lose all my progress in angry birds, or any app for that matter.

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