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how to increase the range of the rc car's transmitter to reciever?? i would want to know how to make it on DIY method? Answered

i want the range of my rc car's transmiter to reciever to be increased, how will i do that myself without purchasing any assembled parts?



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Heres what you do.
one (1) npn transistor.
Soldering iron, wire cutters, wire.

After going over my RC remote with a multimeter i've found that the amplifier(transistor) inside the remote only runs at .2 volts So... using that as a first stage amplifier is a good start. Then, when you connect the 3v from the batteries to your amplifier(transistor) it'll be a 15x gain. So, your transistor has 3 pins C B E
connect C to the + terminal either on the PC board or straight to the batteries. B to where the antenna used to connect. And E to the antenna wire. This tripled the range of my New Bright remote control mustang. Also, remember your remote converts it all to a serial message that gets decoded at the end point so it doesn't have to be all that great of signal quality. It can be noisy as hell and it'll still get the message across. Good luck!

@nhathway if i want use rc circuit for rc plane than would this range be enough????????

or what is th solution to use for rc plane??????

You have to try to find out ?. good luck with it. ?

I have 40Mhz Car and transmitter, the problem is, remote is only working when both the antenna colide with each other. I tried the above (stage 1 amplifier) method so it helped me a lot. now the car is working when the antenna is 1 inch apart of each other. any suggestions ? :)

thank you :)

which one you have used ? i have the cheap 7$ rc car 35mhz which everyone own, thanks you in advancce

You are the man, I repeat, you are the man, even though I haven't tried this mod yet, I am kinda convinced that it'll work. A question: Is there a way to amplify the voltage or current that goes from the circuit board to the dc motor without burning the board? Something with power transistors (MOSFET) maybe? I have a stronger motor (made it stronger myself, actually) and it requires higher voltage or current to run faster or stronger. So far the rc car can make a small drift while cornering, but i feel that if I could amplify the motor somehow, it is going to be a helluva car to drive.
Cheers from Macedonia,
p.s. I'll post it if there are interested, converted 12v li-ion to 10 v for the car, runs smoother and stronger and the charging is like 2 to 3 hours, and rewound the motor with a thicker wire, runs hotter and wines like a sports car, but it's capabilities are not harvested yet.


can you please help me here as i am not an expert in electronics. i just want to know if using this single transistor would also increase the range of my 40mhz transmitter that i am using for my remote boat as i lost it a couple of times and had to get it back with a canoe. also please if you have a diagram of where i should solder the component exactly, it would be of great help. and also what is the number of the transistor you recommend.

thank you very much

i used another smd transistor from a broken RC car so i cant be of help with the specs.

But, you can just use any NPN low voltage transistor pretty much. it has to have a turn on voltage of LESS than .2v


ok, thanks i understand now but what i dont understand is must i take out the transistor from the pc board and put this in place or just add this to the board. also you say yours is 3v but my remote works on 12v. will it still work...sorry but im not good with circuits thats why i hoped for a diagram.

thanks for your help

The base goes to where the antenna used to connect, and the collector goes to the - terminal the antenna goes to the emitter.

The basis for this idea is that the output from the original transistor is the "signal" for the new transistor to turn on in your case 12v instead of .2 volts.

So, in theory you now have 60x xmit increase.

Good evening,please am having 27mhz rc car motherboard which is having M+,M-,A,B,C,D,terminals on the motherboard which am finding it difficult in connection the steering system wires and wires colors are RED,BLUE,YELLOW,BLACK WHITE GREEN and i need help

I would like to Increase the range of my quadcopter but i want some seriouse range out of it. Will fitting multiple transistors stack increase my range or will that just be wasting money. I have a first person view camera on my quad copter as well and the range of this transmitter also needs to be increased. To some seriouse range.

Please help. Thank you.

P.s. you can email me at zanderfritzbuilder@gmail.com

fitting multiple transistors would not do anything except causing more power loss and higher cost. Try to find a NPN transistor which has a turn on voltage of under .2 v, and a high voltage rating (for example 20v) then, connect 20v on either feet of the transistor, forming a closed circuit with the antennae. Voil√°, you got an amplified transmitter

PS. your receiver may act weird with these mods, as it may not be rated for such strong signals

help me because my rc car working when two antenna colide please help me to back range

What do u mean by "base goes to where antenna used to connect "

"E to antenna wire"

Explain me a little or just upload urs pic

PS: I'm not good with drawings, but this might help.


can i add two enginescto a newbright rc

sir plz help I have 40 MHz Rc car but it only run when remote touch the antenna wire of receiver how to fix it

which kind of npn transistor we have to use. can u also send some diagrams of the circuit where we have to attach the transistor ?

im using a 27mhz newbright rc car remote that took two AAs and instead of using the AAs i used a nine volt battery, i noticed that if i held it near a cb radio with the AAs in the remote that you could kinda here this tone, but with the nine volt in it instead the tone came in a lot stronger and louder i think it might help with the range for the rc car but im not sure since i dont have the rc car and im not sure if it will work for all 27 mhz remotes ether without burning out the remote.

I put a stering controler on the throttle output of the reciever in the car and used it to control a 4way light switch. Meaning mechanically controlled the switch so the stering controler actually fliped the switch then you simply hook whatever you want to run to the motor to one side of the switch and the motor to the other side whatever voltage amperage you want its full throttle or nothing using a 4way switch gives you reverse because it flips the( +-) when you throw the switch. could use a dimmer light switch connect (-) from battery to motor and run (+) through switch you dont have reverse that way. You have throttle control Im sure you could use a combination of both to get forward reverse and throttle. you have to be cleaver with your design

dude i hv done an experiment to my old 27mhz car wht i hv done is tht i hv screwed the black screw in the plastic cylender which is the white in clour in the center and surrounds with copper wires by doing this i lost my range to few cms whn screwed full inside it so am thinking if doing this decreses my range thn if i unscrew it thn the range might be increased but thr i a problem to while doing this tht this is only in my car circut not in my remote circut as it was on my earliar car and remote and obviously as all mom thinks if u don't have one thing other is totaly useless so she threw my remote which in working condition and it might work with my new cars caus they both have same circutery...
NOTE: the black screw is too fragile and might brk down while ussing screwdriver so be carefull and handle with care caus this the reason why my cars range decreased to few cms and then broken into pieces caus it brokedown while unscrewing to its orignal place......................


thats good. but the best thing is make a signal amplifier. like nhatway said.

well, i just did it right now AND IT WAS AMAZING!! I CAN CONTROL MY RC CAR FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!! ANYWAYS (caps lock off) so what i did was i took a metal coat hanger and i untwisted using a metal plier (or ur bare hands, depends i your chuck norris or not) and anyways, made it into an [almost] perfect rod (not really) but yea, make it as long as you can, now bend the end and make a loop with it only at the end, like a small circle at the end...than you can twist it to bind the circle and keep it steady, anyways, you know how it was all twisty and stuff when it was a coat hanger, that part should be in your hands right now and the other side of the metal rod has the circle, anyways...put the twisty thing (or screw it, hehe) in the hole in the remote control (if your lacking an antenna) and than make sure it goes deep, as to touch the transmittor and stuffy thingies inside there and so on the remote and car and test it out, you might have to hold the metal coat hanger in, but put some ducttape and it should work. and by the way, it should sort of just click right in, or not, depends on how big the hole is ( THATS WHAT SHE SAID) anyways....it worked for me a lot, cuz i lost my antenna and the remote was only getting range like 4 feet in front of me, but now its getting a good 50 feet....So i hope it works, if you want an explanation that is more specific, email me at saiskee@gmail.com andi will send you some pictures too :)


9 years ago

I like to solder thin copper wire to were the antenna goes, and the wrap it around the inside of the frame. It works fairly well. Hope I helped!

I put around 5- 10 turns of wire, the thinner the more, and he longer range the more as well. Hope i helped!

what is the diameter of the coil that you made? thanks again.

Well, I'm not sure of the AWG rating, but I've used some that is 1mm or less, a good place to get a lot is to take apart one of those flashlights that you shake to charge, I figure there is around 50 feet or so of thin copper wire, depending on the size. you can get one for around 6 dollars.

whati is remote control working frequency ? How long is the antenna? Usually it work to 1/4 wave, extending it to a multiple odd of length range incrase without change frequency!

the working frequency is 27mhz, is the length of the antenna related to the range?tnx for answering.


9 years ago

What I did was open up my controller and put a higher voltage battery in it. That might overload it though. Also I stuck pieces of pop can on the top too with the reciever wire on the car.


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I've run rc's for a while and as far as I know their is no real way to significantly increase the range easily as manufactures would do it to add as a feature. The best ways to optimize the performance, however, could be to get an antenna tube that's longer than your current wire and cut it off so that about 2cm of antenna is showing. This should help a little, if you can find one a longer antenna on your transmitter may help, but short from buying new equipment that's the best you can do. Bear in mind if your antenna wire has been cut then that can significantly reduce your range as the length is specifically tuned to the frequency.