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how to insert html? Answered

how does one insert html into an instructable? Do I have to put som tags before and after the code or something?

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ewilhelm (author)2006-12-29

check here: https://www.instructables.com/id/ELHMNOA69REUF10WM7/

When you figure it out, join the Instructables help group and make edits.

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zachninme (author)ewilhelm2006-12-31
It sounds like you guys don't mind it being used.
In that case, what do you think is wrong with the ERROR: ?
After all, it knows the processor, or it wouldn't display that? Or maybe it just reverts to HTML because it has no idea what to do...
I will test that theory by posting something with "#!hsjt", because it won't know that either, so we can tell if it actually knows it, and lies to us, or it is just reverting to default.

ERROR: unknown processor hsjt

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zachninme (author)zachninme2006-12-31

(Wow, sorry for spamming this up...) But yeah, it worked, so it must just revert to a "primal state" and not get processed...

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trebuchet03 (author)2006-12-28
To me knowledge -- its not allowed (it was turned off).

There's limited functionality for bolditalic
typed - nice for displaying code (so things line up nicely)
link, video and superscripts using a carat before and after the text to raise ;) Oh... and horizontal rules are done with 4 (or more) dashes ;)

Interestingly the ampersand symbol does something -- not sure what, but everything after the ampersand is not sent to post.

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zachninme (author)trebuchet032006-12-30

I found this out :-D
To demonstrate- I will use the infamous <bdo dir="rtl"></bdo> tag on a sentence!
(Makes text backwards)
Problem: You get an ugly red box and some extra text... To make your text not "typed", just change the formatting using html, but I'm too lazy and I don't want to demonstrate that.
This is backwards!, I did it with HTML!This is blueOn my orangeboard, I posted a MeeboMe widget using this :D
Do "{" x3, then "!#html" then the closing "}" x3 :D

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