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how to load ASM program onto 89c51? Answered

I hav  planned to make robotic car after reading article  "A very cost effective ROBOT using 89c51" posted by poovakoot .I got every details but i don't know how to load  given ASM program onto 89c51 as it was given and promised to be given on demand. But how to place the demand? can u please provide details on email ID parimalpatel141@gmail.com or u can send confermation then i will pick from given link.


Here' s the assembled code. I offer NO WARRANTY about it. I've cleaned it up marginally, and added necessary code from my own assembler - assembler, corrected, attached.

Find yourself an assembler for 8051 - SDCC will have one in their toolchain for free.
Assemble and link it, then download the hex file with the onboard bootloader of the 89C51 with"FlashMagic", another free download.

Looking at the code, I have grave doubts it will work, I'll try and assemble it myself later if I remember and see what happens. The code around START is in the wrong place....