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how to load program Atmega16 microcontroller Answered

firstly thanks a lot for this web site...I am new here.. i A many things that work with some ( microcontroller ) i want to have a guide for how to upload program from PC to the microcontroller and also how to make a programs thanks a lot again?



ok ineed your help if you interested then help me to understand this assembly languages and convert in into c .......what do you say dude.........?


9 years ago

AVRs are excellent micros for beginners--the upfront costs are low, and programming languages such as 'C' are free. But there's a steep learning curve, partly due to the great amount of flexibility offered. Unfortunately, you didn't mention if you have a dev board or just the Atmega16 chip, or which OS you have on your PC... If you add that information, it'll be easier to help.

thank you very much for your help am using windows vista ultimate I had never ever work with this atmega 16 or any microcontroller I am a brand new user ;) i want to learn how to start.....