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how to make a bluetooth controlled device connected to your phone? Answered

my friend and I are planning to make a bluetooth device which can be worn on the hand and a button on the wrist band or watch having the device, when clicked, connects to the application in the phone and does the things as commanded. please help


You'll need to develop the application to pair with the device and build the device. Look into using a micro controller like an Arduino with Bluetooth module. The hardware side will be the easy part. It's developing the software for the phone that will be hard.

arduino is a big micro controller... Is there anything..small which can fit inside a wrist band

The Arduino is easy to prototype with and make sure your hardware and code are good to go. Then you can use a smaller version like the Arduino mini or get just the micro controller without a board and build a custom board with your electronics on it. You don't just jump right into the watch. You'll want to get a prototype working. Put some simple hardware together to get a working model. Then you can refine it down the the size you want.

thanks alot.. I will contact you.. If I have anymore clarifications..

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anyways thanks again